Style Cops – Election Edition

My newest video is up on funny or die and youtube!
I got some semi-pro fashionistas together to discuss the fashion statements of the presidential candidates. Don’t vote until you hear them weigh in.

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Featured video!

The “C’mon Man-Replacement Refs Edition” parody video I posted this week has been featured on and
Check it out below!

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ESPN C’mon Man – Replacement Ref Edition

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the NFL’s use of replacement officials during the referee strike. The replacement refs finally get a chance to strike back at their adversaries.

Written by Rich Pierre-Louis and me
Directed by Josh Cheney & me
Edited by me
Featuring Josh Cheney, Rob English & Rich Pierre-Louis

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Karaoke Mishap Theater

This injustice is happening every day in karaoke establishments across the country.

With Rich Pierre-Louis, Hugh Moore, Gus from The Hollywood Hotel, Mo Welch, Josh Cheney and me.
Directed & edited by me!
Shot by Saravut Frank Sopapunta.

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This is not a Size 8

This is not a size 8:

Neither is this:

In closing, don’t take Sensa.

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Miss Wallflower USA on Nerdist & The Comedy Bureau!

My short Miss Wallflower USA was featured in the morning debriefing of The Comedy Bureau last week and yesterday it was listed as one of the top 5 intentionally funny videos of the week on! Thanks to Jake Kroeger for helping me share my project with the world!

“Enough with Miss USA or Miss Universe or any contest primarily based on looks. Let’s get behind the awkwardness of Miss Wallflower USA.”

Check out all of the top 5 of the week on nerdist here!

Watch the video below!

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Miss Wallflower USA Day!

Happy Miss Wallflower USA Day!
A few months ago, I wrote and directed this short with some amazing comics and my grandma.
And now it’s finally playing on funny or die. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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RE:COM Magazine

The latest issue of RE:COM Magazine is now available!

This time, I ask one of my favorite comedians, Aparna Nancherla to tell me  SOMETHING old, new, borrowed and blue.

That and lots of other amazing articles about comedy is available now at:

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Blam! Blam! Blam!

I did DeMorge Brown and Matt Peters show Blam! Blam! Blam! recently and a guy came and reviewed the show and wrote this about me. After 5 years of standup, it’s nice to have someone finally say something nice about me in writing:

Blam! Blam! Blam! goes out on a limb to try out new comedians as well, and my favorite stage stranger was Tia Ayers, an oddball even by the standards of Victoria Jackson or a young Mary Lynn Rajskub. Of course, nowadays the bar on weird is a lot higher, but Ayers warmed us up with stories of gremlins and penises, then proceeded to “play” her guitar by putting it in front of her and “blowing” into the head stock each time she plucked a string—a bit that could have been stupid but was carried just this side of corny into the realm where cuteness lies. She seems to be new to the game, and if so, she’s off to a good start.

You can read the full review of the show here:

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I feel very safe at work

But what do I do in case of emergency?

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