Grandma’s Basketball Roundup

Many of you have heard me talk about how much my grandma loves basketball so I asked her if we could talk about it in a podcast. It’s not often you can get NBA insight from a sweet, 80-something-year-old woman.

Please give a listen and share with anyone you think might enjoy. We’d love feedback and ideas so we can get ready for next season. Thanks!

Grandma’s Basketball Round-Up


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“I decided to start a fashion blog based on this party…”

Is what I kept telling people yesterday. And I’m a woman of my word. So here it is:

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A Starbucks Education

I’ve often thought of myself as a modern-day Cassandra — forseeing events of the future without being able to stop them. So when I read that Starbucks was going to start paying for their employees’ college education, I wasn’t surprised. For a long time, I’ve thought that Starbucks would find its way into more than just our college campus student unions. Somehow they would get involved in our education as well. Sure they say they’ll “pay” for their worker’s college educations. But there are a couple of catches. For one, you have to attend Arizona State University. Why? Because Starbucks probably owns ASU. How else would you explain their education materials? I mean, take a look at some of the exam questions from a sampling of ASU courses.


Greece: the cradle of Western Civilization and home to more than 20 Starbucks locations, including the shop near the Acropolis. Thousands of years separate the construction of these two buildings. Explain how they both could be classified as wonders of the world.


If you bought 10,000 shares of Starbucks when it was 43.00 / share, you would make a profit if you sell. But why would anyone ever want to sell their stake in Starbucks?


The above painting, depicting a farmer and his latte-drinking daughter was actually modeled after the artist’s sister and dentist. Name the artist, the painting and the Fall seasonal drink menu.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s weird — I’ve been to the Art Institute of Chicago and seen this painting up close and there’s definitely something different about this one. I think the farmer doesn’t wear glasses in the original.)


There are five recognized stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). Would drinking Starbucks coffee be a beneficial step to add to the grieving process? Before you answer, remember who is paying for your education.

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Birds Love Disco Music at Capital Records

I shot this super-artsy disco music video from my car while at a stoplight to the music playing on my radio. Should I post on funny or die? Will it be viral? Am I famous now?!?!?

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I forgot how to log in!

It’s been so long since I posted, I forgot how to log in. Aaahhh! Never again.

More to come!

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Style Cops – Election Edition

My newest video is up on funny or die and youtube!
I got some semi-pro fashionistas together to discuss the fashion statements of the presidential candidates. Don’t vote until you hear them weigh in.

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Featured video!

The “C’mon Man-Replacement Refs Edition” parody video I posted this week has been featured on and
Check it out below!

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ESPN C’mon Man – Replacement Ref Edition

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the NFL’s use of replacement officials during the referee strike. The replacement refs finally get a chance to strike back at their adversaries.

Written by Rich Pierre-Louis and me
Directed by Josh Cheney & me
Edited by me
Featuring Josh Cheney, Rob English & Rich Pierre-Louis

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Karaoke Mishap Theater

This injustice is happening every day in karaoke establishments across the country.

With Rich Pierre-Louis, Hugh Moore, Gus from The Hollywood Hotel, Mo Welch, Josh Cheney and me.
Directed & edited by me!
Shot by Saravut Frank Sopapunta.

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This is not a Size 8

This is not a size 8:

Neither is this:

In closing, don’t take Sensa.

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